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Stream globally, express your creativity

Likee is a free app for creating and editing photo and videos. Likee also serves as a broad platform for sharing media worldwide via messaging and live streaming. Easy to use and incredibly accessible, Likee also features a personalized feed and video effects, letting users of all ages express themselves, show off their talents, explore, and connect with other people.

Become the next Internet sensation

Originally known as LIKE until mid-2019, Likee was founded by Jason Hu, an entrepreneur from Singapore. From humble origins in the Chinese company JOYY Inc, Hu’s tool is now owned by a Singaporean tech firm, BIGO Technology, and grown into a dominating presence on iOS and Android. The app now has over 600 million downloads, with 1.5 billion users spanning 150+ countries in 40+ languages.

Designed as a short video creation and sharing platform, Likee is brimming with an array of unique filters, stickers, and special effects. The easy interface combined with cutting-edge special effects tools makes it simple for users to experiment and express themselves creatively. From creating and posting videos to recording memorable moments, Likee’s goal is to thin the gap between your imagination and the finished product.

Likee is not the only multimedia editing app on the market, but what makes it stand out from other platforms is the sheer volume of effects at the content creator’s disposal. The app goes far beyond simple color-changing filters and sound effects. Likee can utilize 4D, magically change your hair color, and even conjure superhero effects reminiscent of something you’d see in theaters.

Powerful video making and editing tools are literally at your fingertips, and for anyone looking to make a splash on social media, this is the ace up the sleeve: Full synchronization with your music and audio means you can use the app to shoot creative music videos. Use the Supermix feature to make a blockbuster video in under a minute, or face swap with movie stars.

Likee vs TikTok

The most similar app to Likee on the market is the incredibly popular TikTok. While the latter is the more known of the two, Likee is a growing competitor. The number of editing tricks and options are pretty comparable for both platforms, and, though it has fewer users, Likee’s user base is large enough to make browsing worth it.

TikTok is still the dominant video creation platform, and if you’re looking to dive in more mainstream, populated waters, it’s the better choice. Likee does pull ahead, however, when it comes to localized content. Kids can better use this service to livestream to their close fanbase, and can even use the service to turn a profit.

Create, edit, and share your talent

TikTok is PGC, or ‘Professionally Generated Content,’ meaning that the app prioritizes content consumers. A popular video on TikTok would get a high volume of views and likes. There aren’t many ways to monetize those videos unless you make a career out of it. Likee, on the other hand, allows fans to send virtual gifts to favorite content creators.

Special themed events allow kids to receive gifts and generate income by accruing likes. If they do well enough they can even earn a living through Likee’s Creator Reward feature. If they’re talented and invested enough, they can also elect to receive professional training from Likee’s Creator Program, working their way up to becoming the next Internet sensation.

Likee endeavors to push its content creators to make better, more professional videos, and it accelerates this individual improvement with the time-tested golden rule: Who better to incentivize users to make better videos than the user’s own friends and family? To make it as easy as possible to share content with people you know, Likee incorporates a ‘live broadcast’ and a ‘nearby’ function.

Is Likee safe?

Users on Likee can control who messages them: Either ‘everyone’ or ‘friends.’ That said, all posts on the app are inherently public, and just because you choose not to receive messages from strangers doesn’t mean they aren’t able to see what you’re posting. Viewers can share and comment freely, which means you could receive inappropriate or hurtful commentary.

Likee is meant for people 17 or older, but many of its content creators are under the age of 10. Since Likee’s ability to filter suggestive content is limited, young kids are definitely at risk for seeing or hearing questionable video content. There’s a ton of swearing, provocative clothes and dancing, references to substance abuse, and other media that parents could rightfully deem inappropriate or even dangerous.

Other than the recommended 17+ limit, there is no age verification process on Likee. Accounts can’t be made completely private, and the limited in-app parental controls do little to stave off both risky content and people. Predators and pedophiles can easily target young kids through comments or challenges, and even with filters on users are very vulnerable.

As with other video apps, Likee has been condemned on multiple occasions by the international community for privacy and inappropriate content. Additionally, the app has been criticized for various data and privacy issues. India banned Likee along, with 58 other apps that were ultimately owned by Chinese companies, officially calling it a threat to the sovereignty and security of the country.

Whether kids and teenagers are allowed to download and use Likee should be to the discretion of their parents. Overall, comments on videos are generally silly or positive, but there still remains a chance they (or you) will receive unwanted attention. Blocking private messages may grant some peace of mind, but for the complete picture, it’s better to consult the app's privacy policy to determine what information Likee can collect or share.

Create and watch viral videos from all over the world

Likee is an intuitive and highly populated platform that expediates and simplifies the process of creating and distributing photos and videos. Propelled by a personalized feed catered to your interests, there’s no limit to the personalities, entertainment, and advice at your immediate disposal. No one is too old or too young to be an Internet star, and that’s both the best and worst aspect of the app.

Make exciting funny videos with magical effects and connect with people from all over the world

This is the magic video maker & community that youths around the world are playing with. Time to show your creativity with 300+ unique special effects, one touch to enjoy the Sci-Fi effects with "Superpower”, "Flying", "Time Travel", and "Lilliput". Join the world's largest community with special magic effects video maker, play with millions of social influencers around the world, and discovery something new every day! With LIKE, everyone is a magician!

The world's neatest technology "superpowers"

Control rain, snow, thunder, fire, and even earth through simple body movements. The world's first tool to create magic videos: through the leading technology of body action recognition + self-learning AI algorithm model, we realized the innovative video-recording with gesture and movement control of special effects.

Unlike post-editing tools, you can achieve 10 types of superpowers by gesture and movement. What you see is what you get! One touch to complete the superpowers video, and become supernatural. Time for you to be cool and fun!


  • Tons of effects, stickers, and filters
  • Live broadcast to people nearby
  • Express creativity with ease
  • Large user base
  • Personalized feed


  • May put user data at risk
  • Inappropriate content
  • Ineffectual parental controls

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Likee APK for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 3.60.1
  • 4.2
  • (7461)
  • APK Status

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